The VV's red line opposition rule out the possibility of a coalition

Opposition leaders in Kosovo

Opposition leaders in Kosovo

The opposition parties have set "red lines" for the Vetëvendosje Movement. No one from the parliamentary opposition wants to cooperate with Albin Kurti's party for the next government, EO reported on Sunday.

The deputies of PDK, LDK and AAK have said that their preference is to go to single elections, while they have also expressed their support for the opposition bloc.

The deputy of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Rashiq Qalaj, has said that this party prefers to go to the elections alone. He says that the priority is for the country to go to elections as soon as possible because of bad governance.

"You know that the chairman of the party Mr. Krasniqi and all the structures of the party, including the deputies and members of the Presidency, are constantly calling for elections. For us, it is a priority to go to the elections as soon as possible due to the bad leadership of the current government and we aim to win the elections with the candidate we have now made official for prime minister and with the nationwide commitments of the Democratic Party. it is good that the elections are held soon because we have a complete degradation in the lives of the citizens. As for the coalitions, the Democratic Party of Kosovo will come out alone and aim to take over the Government", says Qalaj.

The Alliance for the Future of Kosovo has also expressed its opposition to a coalition with Vetevendosje. The deputy of AAK, Time Kadriaj, said that they have proposed to form an opposition bloc and that they are interested in forming a coalition with the opposition parties.

"We will not make a pre-election coalition. We made several pre-election coalitions with those we thought should be done. We have done with the Social Democratic Initiative, we have done with a group of Intellectuals 'Europe 2030', we have done with a conservative party, we are also open to the parties that are now in the opposition, there will be no red lines", she said.

While from the Democratic League of Kosovo, in addition to cooperation with the ruling party, they prefer to address the electorate alone. LDK deputy, Rrezarta Krasniqi, said that this party will be the winner of the national elections, as happened in the local elections. It is expressed optimistically that the next prime minister will be Lumir Abdixhiku.

"We still haven't talked about coalitions because the LDK will come out first as it did in the local elections and we haven't discussed anything because we will come out first and also we will come out for the reason that you know that 6 months after the Government that won with 51 percent, we were the first party in the local elections. We are prepared for elections, we have also prepared the program of the LDK. Earlier, something that the party in power was not ready even now that it is in government. It took us two years to prepare a program that has 100 projects at the service of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, I hope that the LDK will be the first, so the next prime minister will be Lumir Abdixhiku", said Krasniqi. /EO