Svechla and the three deputies of the VV declare themselves innocent of the tear gas

Tear gas

The trial of Minister Sveçla and three government deputies/Photo: Oath of Justice

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Sveçla, and three deputies of the Vetëvendosje Movement, Salih Zyba, Drita Millaku and Fitore Pacolli, have been charged with the criminal offense of "obstructing an official in the performance of official duties".

In the trial that is being held on Tuesday, judge Sabit Sadikaj said that the criminal offense is alleged to have been committed on March 21, 2017, while the statute of limitations has reached March 21, 2024, wrote the "Oath of Justice".

The trial against them is continuing for the criminal offense of "using a weapon or a dangerous tool", while they pleaded not guilty to this crime.

The declaration of guilt was made by the minister and the deputies after the indictment was considered read.

"I declare myself innocent, I have acted in accordance with the oath I took as a deputy of Kosovo, that I work for the interest of my country", said Pacolli.

After announcing that they do not accept the guilt, Sveçla, Zyba, Millaku and Pacolli were informed that within the legal term they can make a request to drop the indictment and challenge the evidence.

Minister Sveçla and the three MPs of the ruling party are being accused that on March 21, 2018, around 12:10 to 15:40, they lit several tear gas canisters, which they threw inside the hall of the Assembly of Kosovo. where the plenary session was being held.

As a result of this, all the deputies were forced to leave the Assembly hall.