AAK demands that the dinar not be a "thorn in the side" towards European integration


The Alliance for the Future of Kosovo has assessed that the Government is creating topics that are detrimental to citizens, such as the issue of the dinar, while the Vetëvendosje Movement says that in Brussels the governor of the Central Bank of Kosovo clarified the facilities for citizens in that part of the north. .

The VV mentioned the facilities provided by the Central Bank in terms of foreign exchange, while the AAK demanded more care, so that this topic does not become a "thorn in the side" in the journey towards European integration.

The head of deputies of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Besnik Tahiri, has said that the issue of the dinar should not have been discussed at all in Brussels, since Kosovo has been operating with the euro currency since 2002. According to him, the Government is creating topics that hinder the progress of Kosovo.

"The dinar issue is an internal decision of Kosovo. The euro has been a currency for 22 years and should not be discussed in Brussels or anywhere else. The problem is that this government brings up some topics without any need, which then turn into topics that hinder Kosovo's progress and, in particular, hinder Kosovo in its journey in shaping and strengthening international subjectivity. This has happened, so the dinar should not be discussed anywhere, but it should be discussed with our partners in Kosovo to find a solution. It is extremely important that this does not become a bone of contention in our journey towards our European integration", said Tahiri.

The deputy of the Vetëvendosje Movement, Driton Hyseni, has said that the CBK has offered many facilities to citizens in that part in terms of banking services.

"I think it was clarified with the visit that the officials of the Central Bank of Kosovo made in Brussels. The Governor of the Central Bank gave the announcement regarding all the clarifications that needed to be discussed with all interested parties in Brussels regarding the facilities that the Central Bank of Kosovo has offered to all citizens in the northern part of Kosovo in order that they not to have a difficulty in accessing banking services", said Hyseni. /EO