For two months, 116 passport requests

116 citizens have applied to the Civil Registration Agency (ARC) to obtain a passport within these two months, while Serbian citizens have also shown interest in obtaining a biometric passport, the Chief Executive Officer of the ARC informed Ekonomia Online. -'s, Blerim Camaj.

Camaj has stated that during the period after the liberalization of visas, there were over 1 citizens from the northern municipalities who applied to be provided with a passport.

Camaj has denied that there is a lack of material, but that problems had appeared from time to time. For this, I blame the change of location.

"Demands have been increasing now the situation has only started to stabilize from the end of February, in January there are around 71 thousand citizens who have applied for passports and in February around 45 thousand citizens have been equipped for passports". Camaj said.

The change of location has caused some difficulties for the ARC.

"We have enough material, the production line is such that it produces 2 thousand passports per day, we are waiting from March to change the production month and increase the capacity. We don't have any difficulties, we had a few problems with the system for two days because we transferred them from the 'Gërmija' facility and moved to 'Rilindja' and when they change they present problems, but nevertheless the production is now stabilized", said Camaj.

In addition to the interest in obtaining passports in other municipalities, citizens in the north of the country have also expressed great interest. According to Camaj, 7 Serbs have been issued with a passport of the Republic of Kosovo.

"Citizens of the northern municipalities have also shown great interest in being equipped with passports of the Republic of Kosovo in the months of January and February alone, in four northern municipalities, around 1 citizens have applied. In total, only in four northern municipalities, around 400 citizens are equipped with biometric passports", said Camaj.