"Elektroseveri" starts billing in the four northern municipalities


The "Elektroseveri" company has announced that from Thursday it has started distributing electricity bills in the four northern municipalities, Leposaviq, North Mitrovica, Zveçan and Zubin-Potok.

Citizens in the four northern municipalities, according to the announcement, received flat-rate bills of 21.60 euros.

Together with that bill, users will be provided with a copy of the contract for inspection, as well as a notice to the supplier "Elektrosever".

"With the payment of an amount of 21.60 euros, the Supply Agreement with the company 'Elektrosever' will be considered concluded. The officials of 'Elektrosever' will bring the electricity supply agreements to the citizens for signing," the announcement states.

"Elektrosever" invoice in the northern municipalities / REL

The contract between KEDS and "Elektroseveri" was signed at the beginning of December last year.

Kosovo and Serbia reached agreements on energy in 2013 and 2015, but which have not been implemented.

In June of last year, both sides, with the mediation of the EU, agreed on the implementation of the energy roadmap. According to these agreements, the contract signed between KEDS and "Elektroseveri" also derives.