Kamberi: Vuçiqi will not meet the demands of the Albanians of the Valley without international pressure

The Albanian deputy in the Parliament of Serbia, Shaip Kamberi, has said that the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vučić, will not meet the demands of the Albanians in the Preševo ​​Valley until the international community exerts greater pressure on this topic.

According to him, Belgrade does not show the political will to approach the issue of Albanians in the Valley seriously.

“Our basic demand is the 7-point plan with all its components. Vuçiqi did not give any definite hope that it will be possible, his comment was that we will need consultations with international partners regarding the realization. It should be emphasized that we are dealing with a document, which was approved by the Government of Serbia on June 4, 2013", Kamberi told RTK, while talking about the meeting he had with Vučić, where he handed him a list of requirements.

He said that the European Union is pampering Vucic, which is releasing him from his responsibilities.

"The caress, especially that the European Union is giving to the Serbian president, is releasing him from the responsibility of realizing the three agreements he has with the Albanians", said Kamberi.

The Albanian MP in the Parliament of Serbia has stated that they are not interested in being part of the Government and this, according to him, will not happen even if they receive an invitation from Vuçiqi.

"Until we have a clear plan for the integration of Albanians in the judiciary, in the police, in the republican inspections, in customs and all other services that operate in our municipalities, in our representation at 33 percent at the regional level, we have no reason to talk neither with Vucic nor with the internationals, for our involvement as puppets in the Government", he said.