Haradinaj: This government is giving Kosovo a dangerous direction

The chairman of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), Ramush Haradinaj, has said that he has shared his concerns with citizens "about the dangerous direction this government is giving the country".

In a press release of the AAK on Wednesday, it was said that Haradinaj has met citizens in several cities, where, according to him, the Kurti Government is alienating Kosovo from its allies.

"During the conversation, we shared our concerns about the situation created in the country and the dangerous direction that this government is giving it, moving us away from our security allies and slipping away from our vital goal, membership in NATO," the announcement of the opposition party states. .

Former Prime Minister Haradinaj has emphasized that his party is being seen as an alternative "for a Kosovo member of NATO".

"Day by day, citizens are seeing the Alliance and the opposition group around it as an alternative for a stable, developed Kosovo that is part of NATO. I had the pleasure of staying in Shtime today. In Mollopolc, at the reception given to us by Metush Jusufaj, I met comrades-in-arms and friends, among them Professor Metush Neziri. In Recak, in the room of the Bilalli family, we found warm hospitality from Maliq and Muhamet Billalli and many friends and comrades-in-arms", it continues.

AAK and Nisma have signed an agreement for a pre-election coalition.