Osmani is convinced that recognition from Ukraine comes together with her victory

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, has expressed her belief that recognition by Ukraine will come together with her victory over Russia.

At the entrance to the summit for Ukraine in Tirana, Osmani, when asked if he will seek recognition from Ukraine, said that Kosovo understands the extraordinary situation that the Ukrainian people are facing.

"They are bilateral issues. We have always made such a request and will continue to do so with the full understanding that Ukraine is in a state of emergency, a state of war and is fighting for its freedom, its independence and the values ​​that are so important to each of us. . I am convinced that that moment will come together with Ukraine's victory", said Osmani.


She has assessed this summit as important. According to her, Kosovo's support for Ukraine will be offered there. "It is important because we will have the opportunity as an ally in values ​​to give all our support to Ukraine as we have done since the first day of Russia's unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine, imposing sanctions, supporting the citizens of Ukraine, support the Ukrainian army. We will do it from now on. Today at the Summit I will talk about the concrete steps that Kosovo is taking in this direction and of course we will be here until the victory of Ukraine", said Osmani.

Regarding the issue of confrontation with leaders of Serbia, Osmani said that "we will always have confrontations with them because unfortunately they live in the past".

And, on Facebook during the day, he repeated that Kosovo stands for Ukraine until victory. "Ukraine's victory is Europe's victory! It is victory over those who want to destabilize the Western Balkans and restore the mentality of violence and destruction!" she wrote.