The USA appreciates the achievements of the KSF in the second phase of the transition


Alton Buland, principal director for European and NATO policies in the office of the US Secretary of Defense, has evaluated the achievements of the Kosovo Security Force in the second phase of the comprehensive transition plan, in the US-Kosovo bilateral defense consultations (BDC ) that they had on February 22 and 23 in Pristina. The Minister of Defense, Ejup Macedonci, was present.

The purpose of the BDC, according to the Department of Defense announcement, was to discuss bilateral [US - Kosovo] security cooperation priorities and support for the implementation of the KSF 10-year transition plan for the transformation of the KSF into a professional, multi-ethnic, NATO-interoperable territorial defense force , which is subject to civil control for all the people of Kosovo.

"Leaders shared information about projects aimed at helping improve the capabilities and interoperability of the KSF, future military engagements, the State Partnership Program with the Iowa National Guard and membership in international organizations," the release said.

Buland has thanked the KSF for the contribution in providing training for the demining of Ukrainian soldiers.

"Buland congratulated Kosovo for the achievements that the KSF has made in the second phase of the comprehensive transition plan and thanked the Macedonian minister for the contribution of the KSF to Ukraine, including the provision of training and expertise in demining. The leaders reaffirmed the importance of respecting the highest standards of democratic values, the rule of law and human rights in all aspects for bilateral defense relations", the announcement continues.

Buland together with several other military personnel visited KFOR and the American contingent to thank them for the role they play in helping the stability of the Western Balkans.