Doctor Keka explains in what condition the 4-year-old was admitted to the KKUK

Alije Keka, pediatrician of Pediatrics of KKUK, has said that the 4-year-old girl who died days ago was sent in a serious state of health for treatment.

She said on Thursday in KTV's "Konfront" that the minor did not react in any way, except the pupils to the light, adding that the signs showed that there were no brain injuries.

"The child was unconscious, he did not react to the harassment we did to him, nor to communication. The pupils of the eye reacted to light, indicating that there was no brain injury. We put him on mechanical ventilation and the first step was a quick examination. He was in serious condition. Hypotension, rapid heartbeat and has been ice cold. We call this toxic friend, when all the organs fail, including the heart", said Keka.

According to her, the 4-year-old's skin was covered with hematomas.