Macedonia: Vucic is delaying the dialogue to wait for the end of the war in Ukraine

The Minister of Defense, Ejup Macedonci, has said that the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vučić, is neglecting the conclusion of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process. According to him, he is waiting for the outcome of the war in Ukraine in order to assess the situation which would be favorable for the state of Serbia.

"We appreciate that President Vučić, the current politics in Serbia are neglecting the issue of concluding the dialogue, the agreement in order to wait for the outcome of the war in Ukraine, the outcome to take the side that they consider to be good for them," he stated. Macedonia, at the Balkan Summit for disinformation.

According to him, the entire global security environment has changed after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and this has also been manifested with the incidents and fighting that are happening in the Middle East, but also with the increase in tensions in the Western Balkans, including the north of Kosovo.

"I appreciate that the war in Ukraine, that is, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in some way has also influenced the destabilization of the Western Balkans region and the encouragement of certain elements within the state structures of Serbia, but also other elements found in the region to develop stability activities and to undermine the region's integration into the European Union and NATO. This was openly manifested on September 24 of last year when a group of armed and uniformed paramilitaries supported by the security structures of the Republic of Serbia attempted to seize land, a partial invasion of a part of the territory of our country. Macedonia expressed, KP reports.

According to him, this was not done by chance. He said that the groups of the September 24 terrorist attack in Banjska used deep weapons in the state factories of the Republic of Serbia and that they were trained by military instructors.

"This was also done with the influence that the Russian secret service has in Serbian society but also in the institutions of the Republic of Serbia... We have evidence that these groups, based on the facts that have been found, have used deep weaponry in the state factories of the Republic of Serbia, they were trained by military instructors and we suspect that during this period since the Russian humanitarian center exists in Nis they may have been trained and prepared by this center", he said.

Macedonia has emphasized that there is a comprehensive transition plan that foresees the creation of the country's defense capacity, which is being built since 2019, which will culminate in the third phase that will begin from 2025 to 2028 where The Kosovo Security Force will be supported with other necessary military elements.

Macedonia has also emphasized that they are working on the construction of a national training center for cyber security which will be inaugurated on March 26.

He said that the Ministry of Defense and the Kosovo Security Force have their own mechanisms to deal with disinformation.

"In this aspect, the Ministry of Defense and Security Forces of Kosovo has its own mechanisms to deal with it, everything starts with an analysis that is done in our system, more precisely in our decision-making processes, the first stage is always the analysis that implies from that analysis we draw the conclusions, and separate the assumptions from the facts, but also separate the part of disinformation, which is a method highlighted recently", Maqedonci stated.

In this summit, among others, disinformation, the war in Ukraine, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the media, and China's influence in the Middle East were discussed.