Stano confirms the meeting call for the dinar on February 27: Bislim's behavior is unacceptable

The spokesperson of the EU for Foreign Policy and Security, Peter Stano, has confirmed on Thursday that a letter has been sent to Kosovo and Serbia inviting them to come to Brussels to discuss the solution to overcome the problems of which, according to the EU, were caused by unilateral and uncoordinated decisions of Kosovo.

This meeting has been called for February 27. However, Stano said that the letter of emissary Miroslav Lajçak does not determine who should come to the meeting, because this is left to the parties themselves to decide.

In this way, Stano has responded to the criticism and accusations that the Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Besnik Bislimi, had directed at Lajçak, accusing him of violating the principles that he himself has set, according to which no topic in the dialogue can be decided on the agenda without the prior agreement of the two parties.

Stano said that Lajcak's invitation was sent as a result of the meetings that the High Representative, Josep Borrell, had with the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti and the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, where they discussed the decision of the Central Bank of Kosovo to the use of the euro as a single currency.

"High Representative Borrell had meetings with President Vucic and Prime Minister Kurti in Munich last week where this issue was discussed. As a continuation of these meetings, the special envoy Lajcak invited the two parties to come to Brussels on February 27. Usually we do not comment on the correspondence with our partners, but the invitation from the special envoy Lajçak did not specify who should represent Kosovo and who should represent Serbia, because this was left to the parties to decide," said Stano. "We hope that Mr. Bislimi will appreciate the efforts, in the country, to baselessly accuse EU officials. Such behavior is unacceptable," he said.

This EU spokesperson reiterated once again that what the EU calls "non-constructive behavior on the part of the Kosovo authorities" will remove Kosovo from its European perspective. Stano has said that this position has been repeated by the EU and its member countries, but also by other international partners in several cases.