Pal Lekaj is sentenced to 3 years and eight months in prison for the 53 million

The former Minister of Infrastructure, Pal Lekaj, was sentenced to 3 years and eight months in prison for the case of the allocation of additional 53 million euros to the "Bechtel-Enka" consortium for the construction of the "Arbën Xhaferi" highway.

He was convicted for abuse of office and intentional damage to the state budget.

Lekaj has also been sentenced to an additional sentence, which prohibits him from exercising public functions in public administration for 3 years and six months.

Together with him, the former secretary of the Ministry Nebih Shatri was sentenced to one year and eight months, the Director of Procurement Besim Tahiri to one year and eight months of imprisonment and the advisor Eset Berisha to 3 years and three months.

In their preliminary statements, all the accused had pleaded not guilty.

The lawyers of the convicts have declared after the decision that they will appeal to the Court of Appeal.

Years ago, KOHA provided a report of the company "Hill", which was contracted by the Government of Kosovo to supervise the construction of this highway. According to the document, the monetary obligation in relation to "Bechtel-Enkan" was 14 million euros. However, Lekaj had not officially presented this report to the Government, and in its absence, the Executive had approved the payment of an additional 53 million euros to the company that built the highway.

VIDEO: The moment when Judge Violeta Namani reads the Court's decision for former Minister Lekaj and three other officials in the case of the 53 million

VIDEO: The statement of Lekaj's lawyer after the Court's decision