Osmani: The issues that create ambiguity in the draft statute of the Association must be addressed

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani stated that there are issues that create ambiguity in the draft statute of the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority. She said that she hopes that the same will be eliminated before the draft is sent for interpretation to the Constitutional Court. The head of the country said that she has prepared the comments in writing and that she has sent them to all the actors involved in the preparation of this draft.

This is what Osmani said after awarding the "Courage-Vasfije" award to Dr. Shukri Gërxhaliu.

She told the media that it is the request of the international emissaries that the comments regarding this draft statute should not be made public.

"If the draft is processed in the Constitutional Court, then as the president of the country I will submit the comments. I have worked on the analysis of this document. The written comments that I have prepared have all the relevant actors who have been involved in the preparation of this draft, including the European Union and the United States of America. There are issues that definitely need to be clarified, because they create ambiguity, and therefore could cause problems in practice. With the hope that they can be eliminated even at this stage, that is, before the draft goes to the Constitutional Court. But if not, I am convinced that the Court will clarify them based on its own interpretations given to the court in 2015, many of which are now guiding principles for any association", declared Osmani.

Further, the head of state did not give details regarding her comments, but added that it is unfair that the same has not been shared with the opposition parties.

"Since it is the request of the international emissaries not to make public the comments, without making public the draft they have presented, I will respect this request. Although I think from the beginning it was unfair and completely unreasonable that this draft was not shared with the leaders of the opposition. As a political party, they represent the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, so as president I have insisted from the first day that this draft be shared with them, and I very much hope that soon those who are the authors of this document will also give their approval for one thing such", she added on Tuesday.

Osmani emphasized that many of the principles of 2015 are not present in the Euro-American draft statute.

"In 2015, there was a document of principles, which was agreed between Kosovo and Serbia in Brussels. Many of those 2015 principles have been declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court. And such principles, many of them are not now in the current draft. There are two or three things that create ambiguity and of course they must be addressed, either before the draft goes to the Constitutional Court, or by the Constitutional Court. But they definitely need to be clarified finally so that they are not allowed to enter into force as they are, because they can create problems in practice", concluded President Vjosa Osmani. /KSP