"Flat" data for insulin addicts

Photo: Everyday Health

There are big differences regarding the number of people addicted to insulin between the data of the Ministry of Health and those of the municipalities. For the same year and the same municipalities, the differences are obvious and this can also cause great financial damage. KOHA has been asking for clarification from this institution for these differences for 2 months now, but they have refused to answer

Data with significant differences are generated by the Ministry of Health when it comes to diabetic patients who are dependent on insulin, a product provided by this Ministry.

And this can also cause great financial damage.

Months ago, KOHA requested access to public documents related to the number of insulin addicts that the Ministry of Health has.

This institution has forwarded two tables with data for the same years and the same municipalities, but which are very different from each other.

In the description of one table it is only "the total number of insulin addicts for the years 2016-2022", while in the description of the other table it is "Number of insulin addicts, according to Primary Health Care and Municipalities".

A few illustrative examples show the differences. Thus, in table number 1, where the total data is, it is said that in 2018, there were 878 insulin-dependent patients in the Municipality of Gjilan.

For the same year, table number 2 says there were 970. So the difference is about 100 patients.

A big difference in the tables is also observed for the Municipality of Istog.

Table number 1 of the Ministry of Health states that in 2018 there were 243 insulin dependents, but table number 2 shows 103 patients who are insulin dependent. The difference is 140 patients. And if it is calculated from one insulin per day for them, then the difference in financial cost is about 255 thousand euros.

A big difference is also observed in the two tables for Mitrovica. In the first, there are 487 insulin dependents, while in the second, 643.

Even in the data from 2018 until now, there are big differences for the same municipalities.

A change in insulin addicts in Mitrovica can also be seen in the tables of 2019. In one, there are 517 patients, and in the other, 695.

There are also such differences in the tables for the years 2020 and 2021.

Since April, when KOHA received these data, it has been asking for answers from the Ministry of Health about the big differences in the figures and has been asking for information on why there is no system where the data is generated. This institution has not provided information.