Tahiri: The Kurti government is not dealing with the Association at all because it has made it a cause

The former chief negotiator of Kosovo in the talks with Serbia, Edita Tahiri, has said that she has not read the draft statute for the creation of the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority, published by the German organization FES, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, because according to her, the problem the main one is currently related to the Government.

According to her, the Kurti Government, since it has made the Association a cause, "now does not deal with this issue at all", reported A2CNN.

"I have not seen it. I dealt with this process at the time of Brussels when I was a negotiator. We have a political problem in Kosovo that is related to the Government of Kosovo, which, since it has made this topic a cause, has opposed it, has promised the electorate that it will not accept it and now it is not dealt with at all. The debate is now left to the voices and those who do not have a mandate. The Association's mandate as an international obligation is that of the Government. We are all waiting for him to speak", said Tahiri.

Also, Tahiri said that the Government is currently "playing" on defense and as she said, in negotiations when you are on the defensive, you are a loser.

"We did not listen to the Government at all to deal with the Franco-German plan that lacks mutual recognition because it is trapped by this theme of the Association. He is unable to push this plan forward. Mutual recognition is the final agreement that is expected", she emphasized.

The draft of the German organization, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, consisting of 7 chapters and 18 articles, provides for the way of establishment, organizational structure, relations with central authorities, legal regulation, budget, as well as other aspects of the operation of this association, including the symbols.

The proponents of the draft say that the Association will be in accordance with the Constitution of Kosovo and the Brussels Agreement. The association is expected to have its own official symbols, including a coat of arms and a flag. The 10 municipalities with a Serbian majority can be part of this Association and will have full rights in the field of local economic development, in the field of education, urban and rural planning.

The association has the right to have its own budget, it will exercise other additional powers, it will have the Assembly, the President, the vice president, the council and the board. Article 16 provides that the Government of Kosovo, through a legal act, will grant the Association the status of a legal entity. As far as funding is concerned, according to the document in question, Serbia is also included here. /A2CNN