Kurti for the Association: Why Ahtisaari's plan is not enough for the Serbs

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has said that he does not understand why the Ahtisaari agreement is not sufficient, when it protects many rights of the Serbian minority in Kosovo. This is what he expressed in an interview for the German newspaper "Der Standard", when he was asked about the establishment of the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority.

Kurti said that the Constitution of Kosovo does not allow the establishment of associations based on ethnic criteria, as the first paragraph of Ahtisaari's plan states that Kosovo should be a multi-ethnic society.

"So unification can be requested along the Rugova mountains or the Sharri mountains, but it should not be based on national identity. I wonder why the Ahtisaari agreement cannot be enough – it protects minority rights for Serbs. When it comes to the Serbian Association of Municipalities, I also want to refer to Bosnia-Herzegovina. On April 26, 1991, 14 Serb-majority municipalities there joined and founded an association; on January 9, 1992 they declared independence and on February 28, 1992 they approved the constitution", said Kurti.

He further emphasized that he also told the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic, that he does not want the Association because if he wanted it, he cannot tell him often that he does not know the state of Kosovo.

"You can't serve a macchiato without a cup of coffee. But minority rights are a very important part of the full normalization of relations with Serbia. So when we get to that point, Serbia can make a proposal on how to solve it. In the same way, we will be able to make proposals on issues that we consider important for the minorities in Serbia", said Kurti further.

While speaking about the Association, Kurti mentioned the Franco-German plan, with which he says that he has entered a new phase.

"In this plan there is a paragraph about the rights of those who do not belong to the majority. You can include it in this paragraph. Even within the full normalization talks, we can talk about this", said Kurti.

The Kosovar Prime Minister was also asked about the statement of Vučić, who called him "terrorist scum", for which he said that the West does not treat him the same as the Serbian president.

"In general, I don't feel that I am treated equally. The West is kind of afraid of Serbia's destabilizing potential - and on the other hand, there is the naivety to think that Serbia could be forced back into the West again soon."

Regarding the issue of Deçan Monastery, Kurti said that the 24 hectares were given to this monastery during the genocidal regime of Slobodan Milosevic.

He emphasized that this is a sensitive topic and needs full consideration and discussion with all those involved.

"I would like to meet with the people in charge at Deçan Monastery - but so far they have not agreed to talk to me", said Kurti.