IKD asks the People's Advocate to send the Law on Wages to the Constitutional Court

The Kosovo Institute for Justice (IKD) has submitted to the Ombudsman the request for the initiation of investigations for violations of human rights and initiation in the Constitutional Court of Law NR. 08/L-196 for Wages.

The IKD announced on Friday that it has requested the Institution of the People's Advocate to, according to its constitutional and legal powers, proceed with the Law on Wages in the Public Sector for constitutionality assessment in the Constitutional Court.

"In order to protect the constitutionality and basic rights and freedoms of citizens, the response of the Ombudsman in this situation is necessary. Through this letter, IKD asks the Ombudsman to address this issue and in accordance with the constitutional and legal powers to initiate Law NO. 08/L-196 on Salaries in the Public Sector for evaluation in the Constitutional Court" states the request of IKD.

On December 22, 2022, IKD published the analysis "Salaries in the Public Sector". In this analysis, we talk about serious constitutional problems of the Law on Salaries in the Public Sector.

"IKD has found that the Law violates the legal security of public sector employees, by not determining the monetary value of the coefficients. As for salary reduction, the Law has established adequate rules for the protection of employees from salary reduction. However, IKD has found that the Law protects these rules only for the future, but does not apply them to the past. This is because the Law in question does not have an adequate solution in relation to public sector employees who are negatively affected by this Law", says the IKD announcement.

The Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) and the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) last week filed the Law on Public Officials with the Constitutional Court.