Hovenier: The ultimate goal is mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia, but it is not possible at the moment

The US ambassador to Kosovo, Jeff Hovenier, has said that it is possible to reach an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia. He says that the ultimate goal is mutual recognition, but he estimates that this is currently not possible.

"Unfortunately, this is not currently possible, but today's challenges can be overcome. If you see this agreement, this work as a temporary step towards that... then there are real opportunities", said Hovenier to journalist Tim Judah, who covers the Balkans for "The Economist" and is the author of several books about Kosovo and the region. .

Judah in an extensive article published under the title "Will the Kosovo war ever end?" has interviewed several figures, among them politicians, as well as activists.

Judah has shown that while Hovenier has expressed himself more optimistic about the agreement, the EU emissary for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Miroslav Lajçak, has not shown such an opinion.

"Tensions have never been higher in the last 20 years; mistrust has never been deeper", said Lajçak.