KEDS: The price of electricity doubled in international markets

The spokesperson of KEDS, Viktor Buzhala, announced that electricity prices have doubled in the international markets, going to nearly 500 euros per megawatt.

He wrote on Facebook on Monday that Kosovo has currently deviated from the production plan, by about 160 mgh/h minus.

"Only the energy missing from the plan costs 1.8 million euros per day in the international markets. It may snow, but white days are not waiting for us", wrote Buzhala.

For nearly a year now, most European countries, including Kosovo, have faced an energy crisis and rising electricity prices.

On February 8 of this year, the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) approved new electricity tariffs, according to which all those who consume more than 800 kilowatts per month will pay more.

For those who do not consume more than 800 kilowatts, the electricity price does not change, i.e. they will continue to pay 7 cents per kilowatt during expensive tariffs and 3 cents during cheap tariffs.

The new rates will be valid until March 31, 2023.