Rizvanolli presents the energy subsidy measures: They will save the state 12 million euros

The Minister of Economy, Artane Rizvanolli, presented on Thursday the measures for subsidizing efficient energy equipment for citizens, which she claims will save the state over 12 million euros for the coming winter.

Rizvanolli said at the press conference that starting today, citizens will be able to apply for help with these measures. The application for these measures, according to the minister, is made in E-Kosova. "The benefit criteria are specified in the call for applications," she added.

"From today, we have opened a call for subsidies for citizens in the amount of 6 million euros. The equipment that will be subsidized are biomass boilers - wood, pellets, briquettes - that will be subsidized up to 70% of the investment value or 1200 euros, heat pumps that reduce 30% of energy consumption will be subsidized up to 2500 euros, efficient air conditioners up to 40% or 400 euros, efficient individual stoves with biomass, wood, for families with a social scheme with 90% or 560 euros. For others, 70% or 435", said Rizvanolli.

Rizvanolli emphasized that with these measures they intend to support 10 thousand families. It expects that the consumption of electricity by the families that will be subsidized will decrease by 70%.

"These families will benefit many times over. Directly from the subsidy, saving on electricity bills and reducing expenses for wood and other fuels. Households also benefit from additional subsidies related to saving electricity. These measures are expected to save the country 12 million euros only during the coming winter", said the Minister of Economy.

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