Citizens sign the petition in favor of withdrawing 30% of the Trust, they say they are in crisis

Petition for withdrawal from the Trust

During the weekend, citizens started signing the petition for the withdrawal of 30 percent of the Trust in different cities.

During the day, the organizers stayed in the square of Prishtina, where they said that hundreds of signatures have been collected so far and that they expect this number to reach 10 very soon, to be sent to the Assembly of Kosovo.

In "Mother Teresa" square, in Pristina, a large flow of citizens was seen to sign the petition. According to them, the tools should be withdrawn as this would be of great help to them.

"Citizens' interest is extremely high because last week the deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo did not vote for the draft law that allows 30 percent of the Trust. Citizens are revolted and disappointed. For this reason, those in the group in favor of withdrawing 30 percent of the trust on Facebook and outside the group have expressed their interest in signing the petition that enables the bill to be re-processed in the Assembly again. Citizens have gathered today in Fushë Kosovë to make their signatures, also in Pristina and Han te Elezit. Likewise, citizens on their personal bases, through work colleagues and friends are signing, then bring them to us in Ferizaj, Gjilan and many other cities. Even the workers of Feronikeli and KEK have expressed their will to sign, and we believe that very soon this number will reach 10, which is expected to go to the Assembly", said Adnan Jashari, organizer of the petition .