Djukanovic: The situation in Ukraine may lead to new destabilization in the Western Balkans

The President of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, has said that the situation in Ukraine may lead to a new destabilization in Montenegro.

In an exclusive interview for TIME, Djukanovic said that Russia is trying to implement the doctrine of destruction throughout the continent of Europe. Djukanovic has said that it is logical for Russia to use the Western Balkans as a ground for access to the EU.

"When I say it is a logical choice, this is because, unfortunately, here, firstly, we still have weak states with weak capacities, and, secondly, there are enough inhabitants with pro-Russian sentiments. Therefore, Russia is unfortunately playing hard with these people and their emotions, offering only to be destructive factors against their own home, because if you agree to be in anyone's interest and destructive factor of Europe, you undermine it. your own home. We are Europeans. It should also be noted that Russia is not offering an alternative. Maybe it would be interesting to see if there is any other competing geopolitical idea against the idea of ​​European and Euro-Atlantic integration, but there isn't. The idea is "let us all go together in destruction against European unity and against the European system of values". Unfortunately, some people in the Western Balkans accept this kind of manipulation. In Montenegro, we have known this manipulation since 2016, when a coup d'état was organized here to prevent Montenegro's path to the EU and NATO, and in Montenegro this anti-European and at the same time anti-Euro-Atlantic idea finally it is possible. But, I repeat, in the Western Balkans there is still fertile ground for this kind of destruction", said Djukanović.

Djukanovic said that in 2016, Russia tried to stop Montenegro from joining NATO.

"In 2016, Russia tried to stop Montenegro from joining NATO and it did not succeed. So no one, perhaps even the most naive, could assume that Russia would give up. Russia continues to develop this policy of its own and it is now trying to prove this doctrine of destruction, in the case of Montenegro, I assume also of North Macedonia, successful, so that it would destabilize a country that is a member of NATO. So, we keep this in mind anyway and we are trying to, by strengthening some institutional order in the state, ensure the necessary strength of resistance to this attempt of external dysfunctionalization of our institutions", said Gjukanović.