PIK after today's action where 50 state officials were arrested: The investigative actions will continue

The spokesperson of the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo, Arbër Beka, has said that today's action "Pika", where 48 officials of the Kosovo Police and two of the Customs were arrested for criminal offenses of taking bribes and abuse of office, sends a message that the integrity of the Kosovo Police Kosovo is a priority.

He thanked the IPK investigators for their commitment.

"With such actions to strengthen the integrity of the Kosovo Police, trust in this institution is increased", said Beka in a conversation for "60 Minutes" on KTV.

He said that the investigative actions in this case will continue. When asked if there was a risk of leaking information, considering that the investigations lasted for almost a year, he said that it is not the first operation of the PIK to last so long.

"Fortunately, this is not the first case that has been investigated in the long term and there has been no leakage of information. The IPK also had a similar operation earlier where 59 police officials were arrested for similar criminal offenses and even then there was no leakage of information. It is important to continue the commitment and dedication so that the citizens have full confidence, as they have had until now, in the Inspectorates and also in the Kosovo Police. Investigative actions will continue. There are still investigative actions to be taken. A part of the arrests has been carried out, and other actions will continue in close consultation with the Prosecutor's Office and also with other institutions, including here in cooperation with Albania. At this stage of the investigation, we cannot prejudge whether there will be other arrests. Anyway, there will be investigative actions", said Beka.