Konjufca: We should fear Serbia, aggression against Kosovo is never ruled out

Konjufca has said that the situations created in Ukraine may affect the application for the EU of the Western Balkan states. He also spoke about NATO's presence in Kosovo.

He said that the possibility of Serbian aggression on Kosovo should never be ruled out. According to Konjufca, relations between Kosovo and Serbia are worse than those between Russia and Ukraine.

"Of course, NATO is present in Kosovo, and in addition, it is present according to a military agreement it has with Serbia. I am not afraid, let's say unjustified, that this agreement could be violated by Serbia through an attack, but we must always be ready to consider the worst possible scenario in relation to Serbia. Our state relationship is worse than that of the Russian Federation with Ukraine. The Russian Federation notified Ukraine, agreed to its citizenship, and attacked it again. Serbia doesn't even know us. From this point of view, I think that we should be more careful with Serbia. We should never rule out the possibility of a Serbian aggression against the Republic of Kosovo. The Kosovo Security Forces should increase the level of their right to the type of weaponry. Kosovo should definitely have the artillery level of its army. We have to convince NATO as partners that Kosovo needs this," he said.

He compared Russia's attack on Ukraine, for which he said that no one thought this, adding that such a thing could happen, and that "with Serbia we should have this fear and this concern".

Regarding the elections in Serbia on April 3, Konjufca said that holding them in the way they have been held so far is safer for stability, that is, not accepting the Serbian referendum.