Rama is vaccinated with the third dose: The administration will not go to work without a vaccine

Prime Minister Edi Rama this Thursday was vaccinated with the third booster dose against the coronavirus. In his speech to journalists, the Prime Minister appealed to all employees of the state administration to get vaccinated, as a day will come when they will no longer return to work.

"Employees of this state should be vaccinated because the moment may come when they will be prohibited from going to work without having the online vaccination card and will not be paid from the citizens' taxes because they do not want to be vaccinated. I tell all those who deal with public spaces in their work to get vaccinated that the moment may come when they will not be allowed to enter markets and shops, to all those who have shops that the moment may come when their shop will be closed , and so on to everyone. It can't be because some of them care about their health and that of their family members. "I don't understand clearly what is happening after the vaccination, even more so today when the whole world is worried about the new variant, but it is still certain that the vaccine protects", said Rama.

Rama emphasized that a decision can be taken not to allow all unvaccinated persons to enter Albania.

"It is certain that the vaccine protects, saves life. Those who are vaccinated pass the disease easily, the unvaccinated end up in the clutches of death. The message today is clear. We are following all the discussions with the relevant Committee and seeing what is happening, the decision may come that whoever will come to Albania must show that they are vaccinated and unvaccinated people will not be allowed to enter here," said Rama.

He further urged people to trust science and not the delusional people on the internet. He said that the vaccine against COVID-19 does not protect you from infection, but from death.

"I took the third random vaccination today, because I can't understand how in the 21st century you don't trust science, but some delusional people on the Internet. From America to Australia, and those who have nothing to do with humanity and public health have opened their mouths. This is scandalous and shameful, and instead you believe in science and facts, that the vaccine protects you from death, what else can be said today. We have done our best not to burden psychologically and not to stress the sectors of life in our country, we must be clear about one thing, we cannot let this situation in free flow come out where it turns out that we bear responsibility", he said him./TCH/