Kurti: In VV there are internal structural defects

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, commenting on the result of the local elections, said that the entity he leads, Vetëvendosje, has internal structural defects.

He said today, when he introduced the new Minister of Health, Rifat Latifi, that all that marked the local elections, will be analyzed.

Kurti said that last night he met the 12 candidates who were in the runoff, and that four of them won in the municipalities where they competed.

"What is already clear is that there are structural and organizational defects in our political entity that has grown excessively in the last 3-4 years. We don't have structures that match the size. There are internal defects. I cannot tell you all the types and numbers of these defects today. There was a union of all subjects against the LVV. There has been opposition panic that have come together against the LVV", he said.

When asked about the LVV candidate for mayor of Prishtina, Arben Vitia, who lost the race, Kurti said that Vitia is the head of the Center of the VV in Pristina and a member of the Presidency of the VV. According to him, he was a very well-known person in the public even before he was the Minister of Health.

"I cannot say what his commitments will be in the future, because this is also done according to his own plans", he said.

Speaking about the "Open Balkans" Initiative, he said that he has not changed his position. According to him, the designation is misleading and untrue.

"For the issue of energy in the north that is not being paid, the illegal structures of Serbia are to blame there. Licensing of 'Elektroserver' is a matter for the Office of the Regulator. "On the issue of electricity in the north, we talk to Brussels and not Belgrade," he said.

Kurti said that the meetings taking place in Brussels will focus on the issue of the missing and the forcibly disappeared.

He said that the meeting that has been announced with the president of Serbia depends on how the talks will go this week.

"We have repeatedly shown willingness to meet. But the general agreement aims at mutual recognition", he said.

Asked about the Russian citizens, he said that investigations are underway.

"The Kosovo Police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs will soon give concrete announcements", he said.

Meanwhile, Kurti has stated that there are no disagreements between Kosovo and the United States of America (USA), and that the issue of the invitation to the Democracy Summit, according to him, has been misinterpreted.

"There is no disagreement between the SC and the USA - the alliance is strong and does not waver from any misinterpretation that is made, but there was perhaps a misunderstanding regarding the Summit of Democracies, because the invitation is not an assessment or a point of view, and this has been assessed by the Embassy . The connection between Kosovo and the USA does not depend on one pe, it is very strong. It's very good that the invitation came, but even if it didn't come, it doesn't mean anything, he emphasized at the press conference.