For the first time, Customs manages to collect 1 billion euros within nine months

Kosovo Customs has set an extraordinary record, collecting 1 billion euros in revenue within nine months.

According to the General Director, Agron Llugalliu, this is the first time that Customs has achieved this record since its establishment.

"Only during the year 2021 for the time period January 1 - September 30, Customs has managed to exceed the revised revenue projection by 6.51%, while compared to the revenues of 2020 for the same period, we have an increase of 33.74% of the revenues collected compared to the projection for the entire year 2021, we can say that we have managed to collect the funds at a height of 80% of planned budget", said Llugalliu.

"The increase in revenues is directly attributed to the regular customs clearance of goods declared according to the procedures established by the Customs. However, activities aimed at preventing smuggling, fiscal evasion and corruption, as well as other phenomena, which as indicators have shown an increase compared to the previous period, have a large impact on this performance. In this regard, during this year, 13 suspicious persons were arrested, 2 of them are customs officials who were caught red-handed facilitating drug smuggling in one case, while in the other case a customs official was arrested for taking bribes. he continued.

In the end, Customs thanked all partners for achieving this goal.