Seal for the "Serbian world": The Union has started and it cannot be stopped

The Minister of the Interior of Serbia, Aleksandar Vulin, known for his insulting and hateful language towards Albanians and other peoples in the Balkans, has started to promote what he has called a new project called the "Serbian world".

On his official Facebook profile, he has released a white jersey that talks about the "Serbian world".

"Serbian world: The union has started and it will not stop" is the inscription on the jersey that the Serbian minister is promoting.

In another post, he invited Serbs to send photos with this jersey to promote this project more among Serbs. The jerseys, according to the announcement, are made at his address.

The "Serbian world" promoted by Vulini and supported by the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, is seen as a continuation of the project for a greater Serbia. It has faced criticism, especially in Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In his explanation, Vulin said that "it is the duty of this generation of Serbs to create the Serbian world".

"If we don't do this, I am afraid that there will be no next generation of Serbs", he said before.

Vulin did not explain how he thinks to make the "Serbian world", but said that "no one should have aspirations for 13 percent of the territory of Serbia called Kosovo".

He promoted the project after the events that took place in Montenegro regarding the Serbian Orthodox Church in this country. According to him, this showed that the survival of the Serbs is at risk.

Vulin said days ago that the Serbian Police, which he leads, is ready to "protect the Serbs in Kosovo" at the moment Vuçiqi says.

For eight days, the Serbs have blocked the roads in the north that lead to the border points with Serbia, in Jarinje and Bërnjak. Serbs are dissatisfied with the measure of reciprocity established by the Government of Kosovo for license plates of cars from Serbia entering Kosovo.


T-shirts with the inscription "Serbian world: The union has started and it will not stop" promoted by the Serbian minister, Aleksandar Vulin. Photo from Vulin's Facebook account