Vucic: If the Serbs are endangered, we will wait 24 hours for NATO to intervene

The Serbian President, Aleksandër Vučić, has declared that Serbia is pro-peace, but only that it will not allow violence against Serbian residents. He said that he has informed the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, that if the Serbs are in danger, they will wait 24 hours for NATO to intervene.

"I told Stoltenberg that we will not enter Kosovo if the Serbian people are endangered, before we wait 24 hours for NATO intervention. "Serbia has not entered the territory of Kosovo, not because we do not consider it as our territory, but because according to the Kumanovo Agreement, we do not have the right to do so," he declared for Pink TV.

Vucic has emphasized that Serbia has increased its readiness for war, while mentioning the forces of the Kosovo Special Unit that are staying in Jarinje.

"Vehicles with machine guns have been standing on the crossings for seven days now and nobody gets excited. And then they get excited that a country that is internationally known has airplanes flying on its territory. They are not interested in Serbian suffering," he added. .