Kurti and Vučić meet today in Brussels

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, and the President of Serbia, Aleksandër Vučić, will meet today for the second time in Brussels, within the framework of the dialogue for the normalization of relations between the two countries, mediated by the European Union.

This will be the second meeting between Kurt and Vučić, after the one on June 15, when the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia officially resumed.

From the first meeting, both sides had big differences. Belgrade insisted that Prishtina implement the Agreement on the Association of Municipalities with a Serbian majority. Meanwhile, official Pristina has emphasized that a number of agreements reached within the dialogue are not being properly implemented by Belgrade. In this regard, Kosovo has separately mentioned the agreement on border control, the one on the recognition of diplomas, on goods certificates, freedom of movement and the agreement on the footnote.

In the first meeting, Prime Minister Kurti presented four proposals for the dialogue: First, the six states of the Western Balkans to advance CEFTA to SEFTA. Second, Kosovo and Serbia immediately sign a joint peace agreement pledging not to attack each other. The third, after the mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia, in both countries there should be bilateral reciprocity, including the issue of minorities, so that the Serbs in Kosovo have their National Council as the Albanians and Bosniaks have in Serbia. As a last proposal, Kurti requested the resignation of Veljko Odallovic from the Serbian delegation for the missing.

In addition to this high-level meeting, a meeting of two expert-level delegations was held last week.