Mehmeti: Since the beginning of the year, 552 people have been arrested for organized crime and terrorism

The General Director of the Kosovo Police, Samedin Mehmeti, while reporting to the Parliamentary Committee for Security and Defense Affairs, spoke about the cases of organized crime and terrorism since the beginning of the year.

He said that for six months he worked on the investigation of 801 cases for organized crime and terrorism.

"In these cases, 891 participants were investigated and 552 people were arrested".

He also talked about the increased number of traffic accidents.

He said that one of the factors in the increase in the number of accidents is the long time spent in isolation.

Mehmeti added that the Police is operating with operational plans with motorcycles, drones and other units.

"The police are working closely with the citizens and the media about the danger. Patrols, checkpoints and various forms of monitoring have been added. In the medium and long-term plan, we aim for tools that ensure the writing of fines digitally", he said. "We have a small number of radars. We are in the process of purchasing both static and mobile radars, as well as those in cars. There are 7 radars in the Pristina region, but their number varies because they need to be serviced, they can be less or more. If you go to the Pristina-Ferizaj road, everyone who passes there knows the police checkpoints. We have the case of the accident with four deaths. It is very important to digitize the traffic".