CDU: Kosovo and Serbia face difficult decisions

The party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that "difficult decisions" await Kosovo and Serbia. This prediction of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) was made in the press release of this party, after the "virtual summit" in Paris, of which Merkel was also a part.

"The normalization of relations makes the entire Balkans safe. It is essential for economic development and the rule of law. However, Kosovo and Serbia will have to take and implement many difficult decisions", it is written in the announcement of this party, as it offers support to both countries.

The CDU has called Friday's video conference in Paris "successful".

"After a long interruption, this summit was a successful start for the continuation of the dialogue for the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia. It had been stuck for almost five years, in which case the situation in both states in the region had worsened", the announcement reads.

For the CDU, it is therefore positive that the EU is trying to push forward an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.

"... there is already an agreement for the first meetings on Friday, and then on Thursday", he writes in the announcement.