In the draft law for the Government, 15 ministries are proposed, but the number can go to 17

The executive led by Avdullah Hoti intends to define by law the responsibilities and limitations of the work of the Government and its members.

In the draft law for the Government, the number of deputy prime ministers is limited to 3, 15 ministries and two more for which the representative can decide for prime minister, which brings their number to 17.

The current government, which so far has 46 deputy ministers, has foreseen that their number will be up to 40, KOHA reports.

The government has proposed to have about 250 political advisers and cabinet officials.

However, the GAP Institute does not consider this approach of the Government to be serious at all.

In this draft law, it is proposed that the prime minister can appoint up to 15 political advisers and also 10 external political advisers.

Deputy Prime Ministers can appoint up to 10 political advisers and 5 other external ones.

Meanwhile, the ministers can appoint up to six 6 advisers and 3 other external ones.

The draft law also foresees the prevention of conflict of interest during the exercise of the function in the government.

According to Article 15 of the draft law, members of the Government and deputy ministers cannot

exercise no other public function, except when it is exercised according to official duty.

Also, they cannot exercise any function in the local government, nor any other employment relationship in the private sector.

Currently, the Minister of Culture, Vlora Dumoshi, also holds the position of advisor in the Municipal Assembly of Pristina.

Deputy Prime Minister Besnik Tahiri has said that they intend to approve the law for the Government during 2020.

At the time when the executive was led by the PDK, AAK, Nisma coalition, with Ramush Haradinaj as prime minister, this draft law was initiated.

However, the Government had failed to send it to the Assembly for approval, due to disagreements within the Government with a record number of ministries and deputy ministers.