Hoti ready to go to dialogue even without President Thaçi

There is still no date when the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue can resume, but Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti says that they will soon schedule a new meeting at the White House.

For this, Hoti emphasizes that he has spoken with the American emissary for dialogue, Richard Grenell.

After the meeting in Tirana with the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama, Hoti has added that he is ready to go to dialogue even without President Thaçi.

"Kosovo has legitimate constitutional institutions to take the responsibilities that belong to them. I am ready with Grenell to set a date to resume dialogue. Setting an economic agenda first, then a political one. But with clear principles that we entered for mutual recognition", he said, KOHA reports.

The office of the American envoy for dialogue, Richard Grenell, in a response to KOHEN, has said that they have not yet set an exact date for when the meeting is expected to be held at the White House.

Grenell's office has not responded to whether the Washington meeting will take place before the Paris Summit, scheduled to be held in mid-July.

Meanwhile, the opposition party Vetëvendosje says that the Hoti Government is illegitimate to lead the dialogue with Serbia, ruling out any possibility of being part of the dialogue team.

On Wednesday, the Government of Kosovo decided to establish a council of experts and a coordinator for the dialogue with Serbia.