Grenell's office does not give details about the idea of ​​an economic zone like Shenzhen for Kosovo and Serbia

The Chinese model of the Shenzhen economic zone, the US intends to create between Kosovo and Serbia.

The American emissary for dialogue, Richard Grenell, said on Tuesday that he will discuss this at the June 27 meeting between the two countries at the White House.

Grenell's office has not provided details on where the economic zone between the two countries is planned to be built and if there is agreement for this from both countries, KOHA reports.

"It's too early to talk about that. Please wait until after the meeting and see if anything comes of this," said Grenell's spokesman, Dick Custin.

Meanwhile, the Office of Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti has not responded to the question of whether Kosovo agrees to have an economic zone with Serbia.

The Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo says that with the creation of the Kosovo-Serbia economic zone, there will be no decrease in budget revenues from the Kosovo Customs, because new investors could come there.

The head of the Chamber of Commerce, Berat Rukiqi, says that it is still too early to talk about the place where the economic zone can be built, but he mentions two options, the northern municipalities of the country and Anamorava.

The two opposition parties, Vetëvendosje and PDK, have not agreed to talk about Richard Grenell's idea for the creation of the Kosovo-Serbia economic zone.

With American mediation, the delegations of both countries will meet in Washington on June 27.