The PDK does not comment on Hoti's proposal for the leaders' forum as long as there is nothing official

Photo: Time / illustration

The Democratic Party of Kosovo has refused to comment on Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti's proposal for the formation of a leaders' forum, where all party leaders would gather to create unity of the political scene for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

The PDK has said that it will not comment on anything, as long as it is not official.

"We cannot comment on an invitation that does not exist as a reality until these moments. The invitations from the studios and the public statements of various officials are not serious and unfortunately speak of the vicious approach that this government is following for dialogue and the seriousness it is showing towards this very important process. For the prime minister of the status-quo government, it seems that the unity of academics and their support is more important than that of political parties", says a response from the PDK Media Office.

Earlier, VV rejected this idea of ​​Hoti.