Protocol connoisseurs estimate that Rakiqi violated the law by "disappearing" the flag

The flag of the Republic of Kosovo is not located in any corner of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister from the Serbian List, Goran Rakić.

Being also the Minister of Local Government, the state flag has not been seen in any of his official meetings, KOHA reports.

The office of Minister Rakiq has not responded to the television's questions about whether the flag of Kosovo is inside his office.

The Office of the Prime Minister, Avdullah Hoti, through a written response, has denied that the governing partner from the Serbian List, Goran Rakiq, has removed the Kosovo flag from his Office.

"Deputy Prime Minister Goran Rakiq has not removed any symbol of Kosovo, nor the flag from his Office. The issue of the use of symbols is determined by the state protocol, therefore each official is obliged to adhere to this protocol. Regarding the case discussed in the media, we assure you that the symbols are where they were and there was no removal of them", says the response of the Prime Minister's Office.

However, Rakiq's predecessor, the former Minister of Local Government, Emilja Rexhepi, had no problem keeping the Kosovo flag in the office.

Meanwhile, the president of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, has said that whoever does not respect the laws and symbols of the Republic has no place in the institutions.

"Even when I was the prime minister of the country, the representatives of all communities respected the institutions, the Constitution, the laws and the symbols of the state of Kosovo, otherwise he did not stay a single minute in his office, now ask Mr. Hoti. Whoever does not respect the laws of Kosovo has no place in the institutions", said Thaçi.

Even those familiar with the protocol consider that Deputy Prime Minister Rakiq committed a legal violation, as he did not respect the symbols of the state. Tomor Avdia estimates that, based on the photographs from the Government's information office, Rakiqi violated the protocol and the law.

The flag of Kosovo did not appear either in Wednesday's meeting of Minister Rakić with the British ambassador, Nicholas Abbot, nor in other official meetings with the American ambassador, Philip Kosnett, and the head of the EU Office, Nataliya Apostollova.