Hoti pledges to establish the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority

Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti has chosen the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo to unveil the dialogue framework for the next phase of negotiations with Serbia.

Hoti went to the academy one day after this institution, as is rare, issued a publication on all the agreements reached in the Brussels dialogue, where it also gave recommendations for the leadership on how to approach this process in the future, KOHA reports.

According to Hoti, the dialogue framework was initially adapted within the coalition and the opposition was notified with it, but only a part of it has shown readiness for cooperation.

He said that he will be guided by three main principles, which are: territorial integrity is non-negotiable; the agreement must guarantee that the constitutional organization of Kosovo is not negotiated; and that the agreement must be in the spirit of the highest legal act.

"There is no meaning to any agreement that does not ensure mutual recognition. No recognition of the model of the two Germanys", said Hoti, among other things.

The chief executive has proposed the establishment of a forum with the leaders of all political parties, while a council of experts will be formed within the Prime Minister's Office. The Assembly will propose the establishment of a parliamentary commission for dialogue, which should be led by the opposition.

As for the role of the president, the prime minister has insisted that Thaçi must remain within the powers prescribed by the Constitution and that the Government is the leader of this process, as the judgment of the Constitutional Court obliges.

However, the president of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo, Mehmet Kraja, said that what has been lacking so far in the dialogue is the stability of the political factor.

"It was not clear to me even today, I am not clear from where the politicians of Kosovo got this make compromises, take and give in the name of Kosovo. From the constitution no or no, nor from the people's vote no or no", said Kraja.

The region has qualified as great irresponsibility the approach that someone wants to develop a dialogue with the mediation of the USA, and someone else with the mediation of the EU.

On Tuesday, the Academy published the publication on the Kosovo-Serbia state dialogue, authored by Arsim Bajram and Gjylieta Mushkolajn.

Bajrami, who is a member of the Academy, advised Hoti to return to the implementation of the agreement that had led to major clashes.

"Personally, I advise you to take this issue of the Association as a task that you must perform", said Bajrami.

E Hoti has confirmed that he will return to the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority.

"I believe that we show state seriousness when we respect the agreements that we have signed and ratified in the Assembly of Kosovo", said Hoti.

In 2015, the Association was declared unconstitutional in all seven of its chapters. However, the Constitutionalist has suggested that this mechanism be established as provided for in the agreement of April 19, 2013.