KDI opposes the motion of no confidence, says it creates uncertainty

The Democratic Institute of Kosovo has announced that it is following with concern the latest political developments in the country, regarding the initiation of the no-confidence motion against the Government by the political entity LDK.

They say that such an initiative, undertaken above all in a period of dealing with the spread of the COVID-19 virus, is useless.

"We recall that the new Government of Kosovo formed only 45 days ago after a period of several months when it was governed by a government in resignation and the introduction into a new cycle of the institutional crisis may produce further stagnation of economic and social development, in the prolongation of reforms for the rule of law and in the process of European integration. Everything will without a doubt weaken the political position of the state on the international level, will polarize the political scene even more and will produce social disillusionment and instability", the announcement states.

KDI believes that Kosovo has already passed the situations when the country needed technical or unity governments, especially in the period before the declaration of independence.

According to them, technical or unity governments are mainly characteristic of states without institutional stability and extreme political polarization.

"Therefore, KDI estimates that the creation of such a government would be a distortion of the expressed will of the citizens on October 6 of last year, as well as would produce new institutions without citizen legitimacy. While the country is dealing with the global COVID-19 pandemic, the situation created in the political scene creates uncertainty among citizens and such crisis situations should not be used for political interests. In this regard, the duration of the constitutional procedures for the formation of a new government would leave the country without institutions in the period when the country needs them the most", the communiqué states.

They further add that the citizens of the country, more than ever before, expect political leaders to show courage and prudence and through responsible actions to deepen and strengthen inter-institutional cooperation to overcome this difficult situation not only for Kosovo but for all humanity.