Hajdari says that the state has sufficient food reserves

The Minister of Economy, Employment, Trade, Industry, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Investments, Rozeta Hajdari, has called not to panic because there are enough food reserves.

"We are in contact with suppliers of state reserves. The situation is under control, we should not be in a situation to panic. I want to confirm to the citizens that the state reserves are preserved such as wheat, oil and herbs", she said.

She said that it is very important for public companies that provide public services to work.

"I want to emphasize, it is of great importance that public enterprises that provide essential services perform these services. Like KEDS, KEK, KOST", she said.

She also spoke about the commitments of the Department for Consumer Protection, the Market and Labor Inspectorate. She said that they received 1 calls with complaints, mainly about the increase in the prices of food products.

"The situation is very good, we have reports twice a day from the market and labor inspectorate. We have started with the acceptance and addressing of customers. We have received 1000 calls, mainly complaints about price increases, especially food ones", said Hajdari.