Top paid Telekom: A legal officer received a monthly salary of 12.300 euros

12 thousand euros was the salary for last September that lawyer Gazmend Nushi received from Telekom i Kosova. Nushi, who appears in the lists of Telekom employees, has a monthly salary of 2 euros, KTV learns.

But in the summer months of last year his salary was doubled in some cases when in the months of July and August, he received from 6.150 euros, until in September it was quadrupled.

Telecom of Kosovo has not denied these data, but has justified them with commitments for legal expertise in two different cases related to arbitration.

"The first case has to do with the arbitration process with the company IVK, a company for the provision of OTT services signed years ago and the second case with the process of negotiations with Z-MOBILE to avoid the possibility of any second arbitration that it would have fatal consequences for Telekom as in the first case. We needed their professional support for these two separate processes, and their experience in this field was indispensable. We firmly believe that with the engagement of these experts and the facts that are on our side, we will emerge victorious in these two extremely important cases for the corporation", says Telekom's response.

Nushi himself did not deny this payment, but added that in the coming days he will present the contract he has with Telekom.

Visar Ramaj and Abdullah Aliu also receive a salary as legal officials in Telekom, since 2018, whose salary is 2 euros. With 950 euros less, Ahmet Hasolli and Teuta Beka-Bunjaku were also engaged, who actually had a salary of 150 euros.

Legal officers are engaged as workers with a monthly salary, but with a contract on the job. The three directors who were hired at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, respectively, have large salaries.

The Audit Director, who is Shehide Lushtaku, the wife of Mergim Lushtaku, has a monthly salary of 3 euros. The Corporate Secretary, Shekip Fazliu, who is also a senior official of the Social Democratic Initiative, receives the same amount.

3 thousand and 529 euros is also the salary of Armend Osaj, who was a candidate for the Telecom Board, and has worked over the years as a director of Sinalco, a company that is represented in Kosovo by the former deputy of AAK, Gani Dreshaj. Osaj is the Financial Director of Telekom.

In the list of workers are also Liridona Dervishaj who was employed in January 2019 with a salary of 468 euros until three months later in March 2019 her salary reached 1 thousand 576 euros.

Kohavision had previously reported on the employment of Hajdar Sutaj in this institution. Sutaj in September 2019 received a salary no less than 2 thousand 225 euros.

His salary is equivalent to that of the Deputy Director of Marketing, Trim Musliu, an office that was involved in a scandal in 2018 when he allocated 300 euros for one of his films.

KTV had reported at that time about this scandal, which had caused Musliu to withdraw from the position of Acting CEO of Telecom and the Prosecutor's Office of Prishtina to start investigations on this matter.

Ramush Haradainaj's sister-in-law, Vesmira Haradinaj, has the same salary as Musliu, who was initially hired as the deputy director of Finance without any competitions and later became marketing director.

Arsim Ramadani and Shaban Ramaj, who at the end of 2251 were involved in an armed conflict in one of the capital's bars, also received 2019 euros, when one person was injured.

From 2001 euros, salaries have been determined for Vjollca Avdylin, who, based on the information Kohavisioni has, is the aunt of the former chief Gent Begolli and Erza Osmani, who is the sister of the former advisor to Prime Minister Haradinaj, Sebi Osmani.

The sister of Bekë Berisha, respectively the sister-in-law of the former chairman of the Board, Besa Shatri Berisha, Vesa has a salary of 1776 euros, as much as Faton Lokaj and Bekim Mehmeti, and Përparim Përvetica, all three AAK officials are paid.

The sister-in-law of Ramush Haradinaj's sister, Liridona Dervishaj, and Valon Tolaj's sister, Blerta Tolaj, receive 200 euros less. Their salary is 1 euros.

Besart Morina, Dirlion Babaj and Albert Ahmeti get the same amount.

That all of them were employed in Telekom during the government of PAN.