Basha: June 30 showed that there can be no free and fair elections with Rama

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, during a conference held tonight at the blue headquarters, claimed that 85% of Albanians showed yesterday that they want change.

According to him, the Albanians challenged him, isolated him and made Rama break out in a cold sweat.

"Yesterday, more united than ever, not around a political party, but around the values ​​for which we stand as a nation, European values, freedom and democracy, you opened the way to return the trampled dignity of every Albanian. The nonsense of June 30 showed what Edi Rama is willing to do for his power. The chilling images of the elderly who were held by the arms to go to the polls, the sad images of the disabled, the impossible who had to be part of the farce for a living, the images of the administration employees who voted with their heads down in despair ", said Basha.

He continued the counting by adding, according to him, "the images of the strong who threatened in police uniforms or wrapped in the robes of the rulers are the clearest reflection of the degradation of this regime".

"The combination of the use of crime and the pressure of the power for votes is the appearance of the Albanian elections with Edi Rama, previously proven by Dibra, in Durrës and again yesterday, throughout Albania. 85% of Albanians rejected the regime of robbery and violence. 85% of Albanians yesterday rejected Edi Ramen, 85% of Albanians showed yesterday that they want change", he said.

Basha said "not the simple political change, 'you go and I come', but the real change that starts with changing the system, guaranteeing free and fair elections, guaranteeing the vote and strengthening it".

"85% of Albanians, democrats, socialists, without a party, showed yesterday that they want the change that never with crime dictates politics, never with criminals to decide for deputies and mayors, never with crime in the parliament and take a seat in governance, administration employees should never be humiliated again, being used to fill party rallies or be threatened with the workplace for the vote, never again should the workplace, livelihood, economic aid or pension be conditioned by the vote. Edi Rama's plan for one-party votes failed yesterday. The Albanians totally rejected him and his mercenaries. The Albanians challenged him, isolated him and made him break into a cold sweat", said Basha.

Basha said that the DP's position on Edi Rama does not change.

"June 30 showed that with Edi Rama there are not and cannot be free and fair elections", he said.