The RTK journalist exposes the interventions of Thaçi's staff on public television

Photo: Time

The worker of Radio and Television of Kosovo, journalist Nebih Maxhuni, has exposed the interference of politics, specifically the presidency of Hashim Thaçi, in this institution. He has published private conversations between him and the editor-in-chief of the television Ridvan Berisha, as well as with the adviser of the president Hashim Thaçi, Adil Behramaj, which testify to the orders of what the president should be asked.

"Mr. President, from sources within the government coalition, we have learned that the Government is soon expected to proceed to the Kosovo Assembly with the draft law on the establishment of the Kosovo Army, which you initiated earlier and then suspended. What will happen with the transformation of the KSF into an army, will it be established by law and when is this expected to happen?", is the question that journalist Maxhuni received from Behramaj on September 8.

The same question, 5 days later, Maxhun received from his boss, Ridvan Berisha. With a sentence after the question.

"Mashkell ​​bonja just questions the president", says Berisha to Maxhun. "Ok", is his answer.

Another earlier conversation, that of March 31, 2018, reveals another intervention of the editor-in-chief Berisha, who tells the journalist Maxhuni what the president should be asked.

"Mr. President, the leader of the VV has accused you of being aware of the deportation of 6 Turkish citizens. How do you comment on these accusations? And secondly, the opinion leaders in Albania have also accused the heads of state for this case?", is the question suggested by Berisha, for which Maxhuni has no evidence that came from the presidency.

After publishing these, another media adviser of Thaçi wrote to the journalist Maxhuni. Artan Behrami has kindly asked him not to publish these conversations.

"Dost for hater tem! I have been with you since 2002", wrote Behrami.

"Don't worry too much. I don't know why you left me", Maxhuni replies.

The portal has tried to contact Thaçi's advisors, Adil Behramaj and Artan Behrami, but none of them have responded.

Even the journalist Maxhuni did not respond to the interest of the portal. Editor-in-Chief Ridvan Berisha has briefly said that he does not want to comment further.

"I flatly refuse as a matter of course. Thank you, tung tung", he said briefly.

Berisha, among other things, is also remembered for the interview with the former head of SHIK, now chairman of PDK, Kadri Veseli, who in the first public interviews after the transition from SHIK to politics turned a blind eye to the journalist Berisha, who it was understood as a sign to stop the interview.