Sternenfeld Autocenter AG & ELVA Immobilien Group

We buy luxury vehicles and make individual selections with vehicle accessories

The lineage, the journey, since when are you in the west.

I am Shukri Mjaku, my family comes from the municipality of Ferizaj. I moved from my hometown in 1985 and first lived and worked in the Canton of Basel, Switzerland. My father, the late Gani Mjaku, came to a city in France on the border with Basel in Switzerland called St. Louis already in the 80s, and then we, the rest of the family, were taken into exile.

Present your business.

Work is one thing that truly always pays off. Thanks to the tireless work, I and my sons, Elonidi and Valmiri, with the support of our employees, manage three businesses, one of them is the automotive Sternenfeld Garage GmbH and Sternenfeld Autocenter AG, the other the real estate "ELVA Immobilien Group".

My passion for vehicles, love and interest in vehicles was inside me every time. In 1991, as a 24-year-old boy, I turned my passion into a profession, in 1997 I bought the building and the long-standing company in this building "Sternenfeld Garage GmbH".


Thus, something that started as a repair and sale of working vehicles turned into what it is today, where after 20 years of experience I opened the Sternenfeld Autocenter AG, one of the most luxurious car dealerships. My commitment to the profession made me one of the first Albanians in Switzerland to be the owner of a garage since 1997, I had my own garage with over 100 parking spaces and repair, mechanics, bodywork, electronics, etc.

The first years of work were difficult. We tried to balance work and family care, and on top of that our nation was under the regime of the Serbian state, a fact that was very painful for us. We always had our compatriots in mind, we never spared our help both for the nation and for individuals, we always tried to be close to them, helping our compatriots was a priority at that time.

Family support is a great strength to work with, support that I have never lacked. Now, my sons Elonidi and Valmiri, who have completed their education, have joined me, one has completed the school for mechanics and the education for licensing for mechanics of young workers, while the other for the sale and purchase of vehicles. With a great dedication for the 20th Anniversary of Sternenfeld Garage in 2017, we managed to build a new vehicle facility with over 700 m2, a modern showroom as well as a modern workplace as well as over 200 parking spaces for the sale of vehicles.

Another thing that aroused my interest was real estate, which also resulted in the formation of my third business "ELVA Group Immobilien". Within "ELVA Immobilien Group" we have a range of buildings Business objects as well as several restaurants in Basel-Land and Basel-Stadt positioned almost in the center of the city, in addition, our property is this entire car showroom facility. In our possession there are also a considerable number of objects in Kosovo.

We marked the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the car showroom "Sternenfeld Garage GmbH" with the construction of a new facility, with over 700 m2 showroom, the works for this giant car showroom were carried out by "ELVA Immobilien Group". As you can see, the facility is modernized, we stand out for the good conditions we offer to our workers, since we prioritize the well-being of our workers, we do not differ in this aspect from the largest, most sophisticated and renowned Swiss car dealerships , for which he was not naming names. Our showroom has produced over 15 workers, including Albanians, who are now working in various showrooms such as Mercedes, VW, etc.

What distinguishes your business from the competition?

Our business, I am referring to the car dealership, is different from other car dealerships. First of all, we are independent, we do not work with just one distributor, we cooperate with all vehicle brands, including well-known names in the automotive field such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porche, Mercedes, VW and many other brands. So here we differ from other car dealerships that have a representative office and work with a distributor. What sets us apart is our quality and independence. We also invest in vehicles and they become our property, so this is an advantage, it helps us to be competitive in the market, and in most cases even more competitive than any licensed representative of any automobile brand.


The vehicles that we buy are luxurious, and we make the individual selection with additional equipment of "Extra ausstatung" vehicles at the distributors, where we have cars that reach the value of over 300.000 CHF. As you can see, we have some of the most luxurious cars in our possession, the value of which reaches several million.

The client, with us, has the option of choosing among the best, starting from consulting, financing, up to the purchase and maintenance of vehicles.

How well known are you in the Albanian and foreign community with your business?

Of course, those who know us the most are the Albanian and Swiss communities, but we cannot exclude the fact that other communities also know the work and quality that our car salon offers.

Are you interested in cooperation with other businesses?

Yes, we cooperate with many different car dealerships, our cooperation is also with smaller car dealerships with Albanian owners, when we are overloaded, we recommend our customers to visit other car dealerships which are equally professional. such as the Carriage for example.

Our cooperation is also with owners of different businesses, where their desire is to own luxury cars, we make this wish possible, we not only enable the purchase but also offer them different conditions, always in accordance with the client's requirements.

I have an expression "Better to brag about work and successes than to be insulted and others call us poor".

Sternenfeldstrasse 21, 4127 Birsfelden

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