Take advantage of the spring offer, explore the beautiful European city!

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When we are on the eve of March, the largest Albanian company Prishtina Ticket, has booked special offers for travel to major European destinations.

During the month of March, you will be able to take advantage of the spring offer and travel to the beautiful city of Ljubljana for only 99 euros.

Promotional offers include departure from Pristina with the date March 29, 2024, while the price includes;

? Free Check-in

? Carry on Bag 6 kg

? Baggage 20 kg

Why should you visit Ljubljana?

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is an amazing destination to visit. In the center of the city is the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, one of the most attractive historical sights. Castle Hill offers great views of the city and the Ljubljanica River, making it a highlight of the trip.

One of the most special things about Ljubljana is its calm and clean atmosphere. The Ljubljanica River flows through the city and adds to the natural and urban beauty of the city. With small canals and numerous bridges crossing it, the city offers a romantic and relaxing atmosphere that makes visitors feel comfortable.

Ljubljana is a beautiful and amazing city worth visiting for adventurers and those interested in history, architecture and natural beauty.

In addition to Ljubljana, throughout 2024, citizens will be able to book travel tickets to 11 other European cities such as: Basel, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Nürnberg, München, Münster Osnabrück, Berlin Brandenburg, Växjö-Smaland, Halmstad, Luxemburg, Memmingen and vice versa.

How to book your ticket?

Just go to the website and head to the special offers which are published regularly at the bottom of the page.

You can make your ticket reservations now using the opportunity that only offers Prishtina Ticket- Reserve the Ticket.

Seat reservation, check-in, hand luggage and luggage up to 20 kg are included in the travel ticket.

Customer Service at Prishtina Ticket offers you the best solution. This is because you have the opportunity to contact us on our phone numbers every day starting from 08:00 to 23:00.

The phone numbers and the list of all destinations offered by Prishtina Ticket are listed below:

?? +35220334188

?? +49 7621 9165 313

?? +41 61 510 06 86

?? +383 49 200 286

?? +46 470 580 944

?? +386 47 774 141

Contacts in Facebook and Instagram.

Prishtina Ticket is here to help you make your trip comfortable, offering tickets at reasonable prices and an experience suitable for every traveler.

Choose Prishtina Ticket and make your trip an unforgettable story.

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