Embrace the freshness of lemon with "Royal Water"

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The soft drinks company Royal Beverage informs you that it has successfully launched the new flavor.

A taste that has gone through the stages of being liked and is now available in most markets in the country.

We are talking about the new taste of natural water with lemon "Royal Water". Lemon water contains vitamin C and is tested for its quality and nutritional properties, which you can use for various activities where it helps you increase your energy.


You should also look for Royal Water, because it is the excellent choice for consumers who use water with lemon content.

The company has launched it in two forms, 0.33 L and 1.5 L in plastic, and the launched bottle is suitable for the hand and has a unique and beautiful design.

Furthermore, you can follow the pages on our social networks Facebook and Instagram to get other information about the company's products (Facebook – Royal Water, Instagram- Royal Water).

Among other things, the Royal Beverage company has been operating in the market since 1994, always offering quality products.

It is the producer of drinks of the American brand Royal Crown Cola with the flavors Rc cola, Rc Bitter Lemon, Rc Lemon Lime, Rc Tropic, Rc Exotic, Rc Orange, then the energy drink Red Rain and Frostea cold tea.

Therefore, dear customers, we offer you quality products and you stay loyal to us by choosing our flavors.

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