SOLO is launched - Payment worldwide, you set the installments yourself

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BPB has launched the newest credit card for individual customers, which is the most unique in the market in terms of possibilities. With SOLO, for the first time, citizens can split their payments into up to 36 installments. With this credit card, payments can be made at any point of sale, at any POS of any bank, domestically and abroad, as well as online. All of this can be managed in SOLO – with zero interest. SOLO becomes the first card in the market that gives many opportunities to the citizens of the country to interact and manage their expenses/purchases. The repayment of the debt can be divided up to 36 installments or even paid in full, completely according to the needs of the customers.

With the credit card dedicated to individual customers and business owners, BPB enables making payments and withdrawing money at any time, domestically and abroad. The member of the BPB Management Board, Gazmend Rrustemi, said that with SOLO, our clients will be the owners of a card that will expand their financial interaction opportunities.

"The development of such a product has been a challenge and a responsibility because the features of the card are so specific that at BPB we have taken care that each of them, in addition to being of course with maximum functionality, is easy and acceptable as a product by our customers ", said Rrustemi.

Further, he added that BPB's strategy is oriented towards meeting the needs of individuals in the country by enabling easy and efficient access and management of finances with innovative products and excellent service.

Meanwhile, Argjira Kadrijaj-Dushi, Head of the Retail and Digital Banking Department at BPB, said that with the advantages it has, SOLO has already started its journey and we are convinced that very soon it will be embraced with the same enthusiasm by society.

"SOLO comes as a product with new specifications in the market that meet the constant demands of wage earners and other individuals. What makes SOLO unique is the fact that it can be used anywhere, in the country and in the world, letting the individual choose solo the allocation and duration of installments up to three years. Management and application can be done in every channel of the bank, online and in business branches, this is in line with our comprehensive banking strategy, as it is known today in the world as the "omnichannel" approach, she adds.

The distribution of installments is done in the mobile application or electronic platform, within the corresponding month of payment or withdrawal. The determination of the installments is done by the client himself and the method of their payment, full or minimal, is also determined by the client. To be equipped with a SOLO card, you can visit one of the 25 BPB branches across Kosovo, while, also you can also apply online. SOLO – Today you say yes

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