Diverse, exciting and impressive event from ABSM, Basel


On June 29, 2023, at the restaurant "L'ESPRIT" in Gundeli, Basel, ABSM organized the annual party for the participants of the courses and for the children of the play group. This festive ceremony was attended by more than 150 guests from different cultures of the world, including course participants, friends of the association, political representatives, cultural workers and ABSM staff.

Mr. Besim Pajaziti, on behalf of the ABSM board, welcomed the guests. Then, Mr. Thomas Kessler, former delegate for integration and head of the urban development department of the canton of Basel, spoke about the history of integration in Basel and the necessary steps of integration policy for the future. At the same time, Mr. Kessler gave a retrospective and concise reflection of the many years of cooperation with ABSM. He pointed out that ABSM has always had and expressed the humane intention and concrete and continuous commitment to facilitate the integration of migrants, initially and for several years from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and in later years from other countries of the world.