"Jashar Salihu" street in a miserable condition, residents in trouble

He is working to repair the damage he caused himself during the construction of this building.

However, not only this part of 'Jashar Salihu' is in a very bad condition. This, as the entire road is in a deplorable condition.

And citizens tired of this situation express their disappointment. They say that this situation is causing them difficulties.

"We have a lot of difficulties, we thought that after finishing the high constructions in the higher part, the road will be fixed and the problems will be fixed and we will be able to live peacefully. I don't know where the problem is, is it with the foremen who are acting as they want, or with the municipality that promises everything and does nothing", said Bajram Gashi, a citizen.

"The road has become potholes on all sides, it is a shame that a road remains like this in the middle of the city. You can see for yourself how the asphalt is cut, I don't know if there are inspectors in this country. I am old and it is a problem for me to walk", said Ruzhdi Abazi, a citizen.

"I told the foreman that when you work, sir, leave the road open and don't block the road for people to pass. We live here, this situation has made life difficult for us", said Hyrije Veliu, a citizen.

The Director of Capital Investments, Krenar Xhaferi, says that this road is part of the zonal division plan of the capital and will be invested in this road this year.

"The zonal division will also include the adjustment of the 'Jashar Saliu' road, currently the municipality is not developing works in that part. If someone private is intervening, the inspectorate must be notified. We, as the director within the zonal division, intervene in many roads and especially in four roads, we will invest next week, according to the regulatory plan", said Xhaferi.

Furthermore, Xhaferi affirms the fact that the neighborhood of "Muhaxhere" is more specific than other neighborhoods, due to high constructions.

"The Muhaxher neighborhood is more specific than other neighborhoods. Normally, high-rise construction starts there, the problem lies in the fact that before the high-rise construction is completed, road construction is not released according to the regulatory plan. Likewise, we also have the zonal division of the capital, which we expect to be signed after the transfer of funds has passed, and which I believe will be completed by June", added Xhaferi.

"Qamile Jaka", "Naim Frashëri" and "Lordi Bajron" are the roads that will be repaired during the next week.

Although it is expected that up to 2023 million euros will be invested in these roads and in the "Jashar Salihu" road in 1.